It is the mission of Whitlow EPC to provide quality engineering and design services to oil and gas producers and transporters around the world. Through our core values we aim to compete with the top names in the industry while maintaining excellence in service and standards.


Integrity: Ethical behavior is the cornerstone of Whitlow EPC. We have built our company on a reputation of honesty and fairness. We pride ourselves on doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason. Through integrity, we solidify the connection that we build between WEPC and our clients.

People are Our Greatest Asset: At WEPC, we strive to create a team that is as diverse as the world itself. We believe that with diversity comes the ability to produce creative solutions.

We are dedicated to seeking out the best and the brightest to grow our company and provide excellent customer service to our clients. With that in mind, we are devoted to providing the best working atmosphere possible for our team.

Our focus is to provide the tools and training necessary for success, while supplying a safe environment to work in.

When our employees are thriving, so are we.

Fiscal Responsibility: Being cost aware is crucial to our business. At WEPC, we focus not only on managing our own costs, but our clients’ costs as well. Our clients projects remaining financially viable is just as important to us as our own profitability. Our company cannot prevail without our clients’ continued success.


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